Your brain is in charge of 32 trillion cells. It performs and oversees some 24 quadrillion processes per day! It does this mostly at a subconscious level. The intelligence it takes to operate your body is mind boggling. This is precisely the reason that it is of vital importance that your nervous system is operating at full capacity. Vertebral subluxations (misalignments of the spine) interfere with this process by putting pressure on the nerves. The result...malfunction.

The First Visit:
This visit is perhaps the most important visit that you will have. In it we explore your past and your present. We determine your motivation for seeking top level chiropractic care and what your goals are. Because those who know the most about their bodies get the most out of them, we will guide you through a thorough explanation of how chiropractic is approached in our office. Then, on to the assessment. It is here that we will determine if you are a good candidate for care or not. Any decisions about whether you will be adjusted that day or not will be made here.

The Assessment:
Our system of analysis is based on the recognition that your body is infinitely smarter than we are and that it knows what it needs. Your body is desperately trying to correct subluxations (misalignments of the spine). It just needs a little help. It is our job to interpret what your body is attempting to do and assist it.

The Adjustment:
A specific force is administered to the areas where subluxations are present. This is done with just the right level of force. We have multiple techniques available that can accommodate the tiniest babies to top level athletes to those who have just had a spinal surgery. The adjustment takes pressure off the nerves and restores vital pathways from your brain to your body. If a subluxation is present it is essential that it is addressed immediately.

Convenient Hours:
We have hours that can accommodate virtually every schedule. We are open 6 days per week! With morning and evening appointments available.

Efficient Service:
The number one complaint in any doctor's office is the amount of time spent waiting. At Klier Chiropractic, we have streamlined our services to give you what you truly need: Great Chiropractic Care! We do this in an efficient, reproducible manner to have you back out living life in no time.

Speaking Engagements:
Because Klier Chiropractic is dedicated to helping every man, woman, and child to function at their optimum level, it is vital to get the word out. Dr. Ryan is a sought after speaker and would love to speak to your employees/co-workers, your church group, women's group, civic group, or any group. Help the people in your life. Simply contact the office to make arrangements to have him share this incredibly powerful message today!

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